The sauces embody the American dream of freedom, wide open spaces, sharp corners, sweet lips, hard drinks, rough lives and sensitive souls – in short, that biker feeling.

Smoked chillies, aromatic whiskey and selected spices are what make Painmaker such a BBQ taste sensation.

In his sauce factory, trained chef Ralf Nowak brings this passion and this love of hot sauces together to form an extraordinary range. All the sauces use only original Kentucky bourbon and plenty of it – the name ‘whiskey sauce’ is certainly justified. These sauces need no flavour enhancers, artificial flavours or other additives, nor are these in line with the factory’s philosophy.

The range also includes the hottest sellable sauce in Europe – Painmaker Hardcore. Measuring an estimated 200,000 Scoville, this BBQ sauce is only for real hard men. Around 2,000 times less hot but just as intensive is Rough & Horny. The sauce is characterised by the fine scent and taste of the whiskey, open fires and forests of Kentucky. Nowak also discovered a very special gem on one of his many trips through the USA: the original recipe for a BBQ sauce from 1849. This sauce is made in the factory according to this recipe, and has been appropriately named Old School.

The sauce range also includes two varieties of liquid smoke, which can be used to give marinades and sauces a wonderful smoky flavour. The wood smoke is captured in water and cleaned in a sophisticated process. Needless to say, no artificial additives or flavours are used in the liquid smoke either.

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BBQ Sauces; Spicy sauces; Liquid smoke
Authentic BBQ Sauces in US Style with Whiskey; without artifical additives