Hot Mamas

Hot Mamas is a culinary tour of discovery through the Caribbean, South America and the USA, bringing together a range of fruity, hot BBQ and fiery chilli sauces for grilled meats.

Trained chef Ralf Nowak was inspired to create the fruity, hot, tomato-based BBQ sauces in the Hot Mamas range on multiple trips to the region. He produces these special sauces at his sauce factory without adding any flavour enhancers, artificial flavours or other additives. The perfect accompaniment to any barbecue or meat dish.

The chilli sauces for refining and seasoning a wide range of dishes are probably among the hottest sauces in the universe. The sauces are available in a range of heat levels, which are created using a wide variety of chillies and additional ingredients.

The Low & Slow range takes us on a journey across the USA, guiding us from New York, via Carolina and Georgia, to Texas – the home of BBQ sauce. Each stop on the trip shapes the character of its sauce. Nowak has developed unique recipes that capture the typical influences of the regions and turn them into a culinary treat. Cola is an essential ingredient in a Georgia BBQ sauce, while an NY BBQ needs Italian herbs. The Low & Slow sauces can be eaten with meat or used as a dip or marinade.


Low & Slow NY BBQ 240ml 
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BBQ Sauces; Chili-Sauces
Authentic BBQ Sauces; without artifical additives