Dextro Energy

Dextro Energy provides the ability to deliver power quickly and efficiently so as to ensure the physical and mental performance at the right moment.

Everything started in 1927 when a white powder was introduced in pharmacies under the name “Dextrose Purum” or “nutritive sugar”. Even then, the product promised immediate energy in a natural way for more concentration and effectiveness. Even if name and packing changed in the meantime, the promise of the brand has remained the same.

School, job or sport: People who want to achieve more need more energy – now more than ever. DEXTRO ENERGY offers the possibility to provide the body with targeted, natural energy and thus to enhance effectiveness in the right moment. And DEXTRO ENERGY is also perfectly suitable for diabetics.

As a quick energy booster from time to time and on the go, DEXTRO ENERGY with its supported brand pupilarity of 99% is the undisputed no. 1 on the dextrose market.
Notable secondary placements and tasty varieties encourage the customers to make a spontaneous purchase on approval. Furthermore, the trade is actively supported throughout the year by PoS promotions with limited varieties and attractive raffles.

Minis Limette 50g 
+ Vitamin C 
Article Number
Eco control unit
Dextrose (grape sugar)
Market leader with a supported brand popularity of 99%